The "Hip" Play List


We Play Everything! Still don't see your favorite band? Want to hear a particular song? Talk to us!  You'd be surprised how quickly we might be able to accommodate you!


We're constantly adding to our play list, but here's just some of the bands we cover:


Beatles                                           AC/DC                                        Doors

Tom Petty                                      Led Zeppelin                               Eric Clapton   

ZZ Top                                           The Eagles                                 Santana

Lynyrd Skynyrd                              Van Halen                                  Doobie Brothers 

Rod Stewart                                   Lenny Kravitz                             U2

Ozzy                                              Stevie Ray Vaughn                     Los Lobos

Van Morrison                                 Guns n Roses                             CCR

Wild Cherry                                    Stone Temple Pilots                   John Mellencamp

Bad Company                                Hollies                                        Foo Fighters

Ted Nugent                                    Bruce Springsteen                      Dramarama                     

Los Lonely Boys                            Jimmy Eat World                        Black Crows  

Jimmy Hendrix                               Stray Cats                                  Sublime

Billy Idol                                         Aerosmith                                   Alman Brothers

Green Day                                     Billy Joel                                     Temptations

And many, many more! (Gotta have some surprises!)